An Ocean in KL

There is no denying that Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer for the shopaholics and business frenzies. However, it should be noted that this city also has a spot specially for the nature enthusiasts. Deemed as ‘The Ocean in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur’, Aquaria KLCC is home to over 5,000 different marine lives and land-bound creatures. The 60,000 square foot oceanarium is located on the Concourse Level in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Simon Foong, CEO
Simon Foong, CEO (Photo: Puteri Balqis Halid)


Dato’ Simon Foong, the Group CEO, has been a key player in realizing the vision of Aquaria KLCC since its inception in 2005. The idea of having such an exhibit popped up as he felt the need to do something that could promote environmental conservation awareness. He also admitted that his children’s passion for aquariums they visited whilst travelling abroad motivated him. “We wanted to make sure that we have a world-class aquarium in Malaysia”, he said.

Photo by Phalinn Ooi
Photo: Phalinn Ooi

Aquaria KLCC was initiated with the hope that “everybody will feel as if the ocean is just a step away from them”. The elements of education and entertainment are here to meet and greet its visitors. Not only do visitors get to witness majestic livings that range from stingrays to geckos to even corals in close-up view, they will also be provided with information that relates to the subjects. Fun facts and interactive devices are placed at strategic locations for visitors’ access. The friendly staff are available to answer your queries too! New species are introduced regularly here, thus making the visit to this particular exhibit always relevant. “We are planning to bring in penguins soon”, Foong explained.

Photo: Puteri Balqis Halid
Photo: Puteri Balqis Halid

Visitors will have the opportunity to observe feeding sessions of creatures like the otters and arapaima and it is also possible to touch animals like the bamboo sharks and king crabs. Their newest hands-on learning site is called ‘Station Aquarius’. Participants will be equipped with a workbook and tools to learn about endangered species, the life cycle of jellyfish and seahorse as well as the evolution of animals. They will be guided by a team of educators with the aid of advanced technology featuring contents that are recognized by National Geographic society too.

Aquaria KLCC houses a magnificent salt water tank that can hold up to 2.5 million litres of salt water too. The tank holds the title of Malaysia’s largest single salt water tank. Moreover, they have Malaysia’s longest underwater tunnel which is 90 meter in length. There is also a 15-feet tall cylindrical tank which is based on the history of Tasik Kenyir. The all-time favourite of the crowd, however, is the ‘Piranha tank’ which is inhabited by 200 Red-bellied Piranhas. According to Foong, “Only Aquaria KLCC has the permission to exhibit this species in Malaysia”.

Aquaria KLCC - Fishes1
Photo: Puteri Balqis Halid

Another attraction is the ‘Undersea Shipwreck’ zone which now appears with a more realistic shipwreck environment. Detailed information is provided to help visitors understand better about the history of shipwrecks that are found in Malaysian waters. The area features ancient and modern shipwrecks with unique marine life that inhabits them. Visitors are encouraged to “take as much time as they need to discover, learn and experience”.

Foong wrapped up the interview by expressing his hope that, “Visitors will be more educated about the importance of conserving the animals after coming to Aquaria KLCC, especially the children”. With the enlightening and engaging attractions as well as the good causes they promote, Aquaria KLCC is absolutely the go-to place for the whole family.

Aquaria KLCC - Entrance
Photo: Puteri Balqis Halid