Malaysia at a Glance

FACTS & FIGURESSource: CIA Worldbook
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Area:  329,847 km2
Calling codCorcovado (Quiet Nights)e: +60
Capital and largest city: Kuala Lumpur (1,588,750 citizens)
Currency: Ringgit
Ethnic groups:  50.4% Malay, 23.7% Chinese,
11.0% Indigenous, 7.1% Indian, 7.8% other
Official languages:Malaysian Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
Official script:  Malay (Latin) alphabet
Population: 31,381,992 (July 2017 est.)
Prime Minister:Najib Tun Razak
Recognised languages:English
Seat of Government:Putrajaya
System of Government: Federal parliamentary, constitutional monarchy, Elective monarchy
Time zone:   MST (UTC+8)