Marvellous Islands of Malaysias

Beautiful sandy beaches, a unique marine life and diverse nature are the hallmarks of Malaysia’s islands. From Pulau Tioman to Pulau Pangkor to Gaya Island, the country’s versatility is also reflected in Malaysia’s islands, which offer tropical rainforest and a fascinating underwater world to explore. Depending on the island, the recommended travel times vary so that the country can be visited at any time of the year.

Pulau Tioman

Tioman is one of Malaysia’s most beautiful and most travelled islands. It is about 38 km long and 19 km wide and represents the largest island in a group of 64 volcanic islands off the coast of Pahang. In addition to its natural landscape, Tioman is also known for its fascinating underwater world. Whether diving on coral benches or snorkeling on Salang Beach in the coral gardens between sea fans and sea anemones – diving and snorkeling enthusiasts can enjoy the rich marine life of Tiomans. The large selection of 5-star hotels on the island ensures a luxurious holiday experience, but there are also numerous accommodations for the smaller budget. The best time to visit Tioman is from March to October.

How to get there: Take a bus or drive to Mersing on the Eastern coast of the Malaysian peninsular. Find the jetty harbour and take two-hour ride to the island. 

Pulau Pangkor

It has a reason that the name of the island can be derived from the Thai word „Pang Ko“ – beautiful island. On its beautiful beaches, the island of Pangkor offers various activities – from diving, snorkelling and windsurfing to fishing – water lovers will be delighted. The island is a fascinating holiday destination with its extraordinary mix of resorts and fishing villages. Tourists interested in culture explore the lively fishing villages and gain an insight into the life of the locals. Snorkel lovers will find shallow, crystal clear water and still undamaged coral reefs at the beach area Pasir Bogak. The Teluk Nipah offers a wider, less populated beach section with emerald green water and is known as a coral beach. Located on the beach of Pantai Puteri Dewi, the Pangkor Island Beach Resort has a top location and offers stylishly furnished rooms, sports facilities and a golf course. Here you can also observe the protected hornbills and other wild animals. To go sightseeing on the island of Pangkor, travelers can rent vehicles from van to motorcycle. The months of January to April and August to November are best suited for a trip on Pangkor.

How to get there: Take a bus or drive to Ipoh and from there to the town of Lumut where you can take a 30-minute ferry ride over.

Gaya Island

Off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, capital of Sabah province, lies the island of Gaya, which belongs to the protected Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and has been a forest reserve since 1923. In addition to its fine snorkeling possibilities, Gaya Island is also ideal for nature lovers. In order to preserve the unique natural and animal world, the Gaya Island Resort and its Marine Center are committed to the rescue of turtles and the protection of coral reefs as well as to raising awareness of nature conservation. At the Wildlife Center, travellers can marvel at the wealth of flora and fauna, as well as some of the most fascinating and exotic species in the world. The months between March and October are ideal for a trip on Gaya Island.